Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dance Baby Dance.....2 Samuel 6:14-15....Food For The Soul. ..Evan Anita Hewitt ❤ ❤ 12/23/15

☆♢David was wearing a sacred linen apron. He danced in front of the Lord with all his might.  ♢☆He did it while he was bringing up the ark of the Lord. The whole community of Israel helped him bring it up. They shouted. They blew trumpets.

Our title is today "Dance Baby Dance," David danced out of his clothes Praising The Lord. Jesus is worthy to be praised. So get your praise on today and praise the Lord by dancing, by waving your hands, by singing, I playing the tambourine, by dumping, by picking up your feet and dancing before the Lord. He is Worthy to be Praised. So however you Praise the Lord Praise Him today because we are not promised to see tomorrow. So "Dance Baby Dance." ~Amen~☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆♢☆

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