Saturday, May 5, 2018

My Hairology By .......Evangelist Anita L. Hewitt May 5_ 2018

I had always loved the Dread Loc Style. I've  made up my mind, that my Locs would be always washed, oilded and conditioned. As long as I have strength in my body, I would do my own hair. So have been doing just that for the past 14 Years.....

I do not claim to be a Loc Pro.... But I know what works for me. With my naturally curly  and cotton soft hair. Everyday I'm Learning more about  Locs and my hair..,..

There's no such thing as a bad hair day with Locs. Your Locs are Beautiful ...❣️❣️In whatever Stage you're in or style you're Rock'n! Rock On With Your Bad Self❣️❣️

If only the. I know Now. I would had my Loc's Long Time Ago. I Love The Natural Look❣️❣️

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