Tuesday, July 12, 2016

You Have To Live, After We Say I Do......Evan. Anita Hewitt🌹🌹June 12, 2016

~1 Peter 5:7King James Version ~

 💓Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.💓

Too many times, when it's your first time walking down the Church aisle, for your wedding. We want the whole nine yards and our neighbors, if we can. Let's not talk about the doves, that's  right after we say "I Do." The wedding cake, the food, and the after party and of course the beverages. The honeymoon and way before that is the invitation and the drop dead wedding dress. So all that is adding up to a healthy chunk of change. Now maybe you come from a rich family, or you have a rich uncle, that may have houses, and land, or their own businesses, you can introduce me to him LOL.😁 Now let's be honest. The Bible says quote" to thine own self be true", do you really have that type of money? And will you be willing to pay that off before your honeymoon? Because the first and most important argument is finance.

To this I Thank God,  For my Spiritual parents Pastor Gibson Mom and Dad They told me one thing, that last with me. That I will never forget, is that you have to live, after you say I Do. And that's one of  the many,  important advice that I could tell any person, that is thinking about getting married. There are beautiful weddings that are just as beautiful for less.  Without the costly sticker shock.  I had a beautiful, first time Wedding. It was Precious, Very beautiful and Memorable. My first husband went home to be with the Lord due to cancer in 2000. However the Lord Blessed me with the Man of God in 
2011 Thank You Jesus!!

In this marriage walk, you are going to have suddenly, Financial suddenly, Health suddenly and joblessnes suddenly, in your life and you must be prepared. I tell my husband today, when that happens it's either two things are going to manifest, either it will drive you closer to your mate or it will drive a wedge further away from your spouse. I pray it will bring you closer to your spouse, and you to call upon the name of the Lord, for strength and guidance. Because that's what happened to us. In February 2014, when my husband was beaten half of his life, there was a man that tried to take his life, he was my husband was just coming back from the store. And there was a suddenly that took place. And turned our world, as we know it upside down, for two years, we spent between the Court in the hospital's. And we're still going back and forth to the hospital's. However we still have Joy and we are Praising the Name of The Lord because God is greater then our circumstances Hallelujah!!!


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