Friday, May 15, 2015

Forever Warm

To: The Hicks Family 
The Johnson Family

You are always in our prayers we Love you all. May God hold you tight in His arms in the time of need.

Bryant & Anita Hewitt and Family

Forever Warm...
A special bond was made
in heaven above--
to connect us forever
with those we love.
Amid the laughter
and the tears
we learn and grow together
through the years.
And when it's time to
journey home at last,
we're no longer weighed down
by the pains of our earthly past.
Reunited with those we've lost,
we're forever warm,
embraced by love,
and safe from every storm.
Remember that you'll be
with your loved one again.
Let the love in your heart
give you strength during
this difficult time.

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