Monday, November 26, 2012

Bryant and Anita Hewitt Invites Sponsors for World Peace Tour.

Morning Star Communication Network/MCN Ministries is seeking sponsors to assist in bringing Peace, Human Rights, and proper nutritional value, to all regions of the world, with emphasis on Africa, India, Asia, Europe. The Non-For Profit is a 501-(C)(3) based in Los Angeles California. Lead By Bryant and Anita Hewitt. Corporate sponsoring is a form of partnership between the private sector and Morning Star Communication Network entities, in which the private sector entity, aiming to enhance its corporate image,supports an event or activity, through the provision of financial or in kind support, for promotional purposes, in exchange of publicity, and/or to obtain access to a wider audience. Corporate sponsoring activities are just a subcategory of partnerships with the private sector and as such they should be regulated by a basic set of principles and guidelines applicable to all the different types of cooperation with the private sector.

Global challenges, such as poverty reduction, climate change, HIV/AIDS, economic globalization or the promotion and protection of human rights, combined with the emergence of the information society over the last 25 years, have led business to reshape its approach to markets. Nowadays it is not enough to manufacture quality products and distribute them efficiently; society demands that corporations share certain social and environmental values. There are benefits and risks associated to partnership activities. The benefits for non-profit organizations comprise an increased ability to promote the non-profit organization's cause via the greater financial resources of a business and an increased ability to reach possible supporters through a company's employees and customer base.

Furthermore, there are other associated benefits, given that business brings its networks, experience and skills to partnerships with the Morning Star Communication Network. These contributions are of tremendous value and allow the MCN Ministries system to benefit from a transfer of knowledge and skills. The possible benefits for business include positive public relations, improved customer relations, and additional marketing opportunities through, inter alia, the development of a responsible corporate citizen image. The most evident benefit for the Morning Star Communication Network is the possibility to generate additional resources; however, financial support should not be the only resource that the MCN Ministries could seek from partnerships with the private sector, as recognized in several papers.

There are other potential benefits that the private sector could offer such as technical expertise and technology, in-kind donations, innovative styles of management, ideas and new perspectives and the use of business networks might be equally important contributing to greater operational efficiency. There is also potential for creating greater public awareness and reaching a wider audience by having companies and individual business leaders speaking out in favor of the MCN Ministries, its values, goals and activities.

 We thank you for your support ahead of time.Any questions please contact us at and for those who wish to donate you may do so on line at

Thank you
Bryant & Anita Hewitt
Morning Star Communication Network/
MCN Ministries

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